Chase Mission Main Street Grant

Hey blockheads, thank you so much for your support these past couple of months. You helped us launch our website, and we couldn’t keep growing without you. Today, we need your help more than ever. Chase Bank is working with several other businesses to help small businesses grow through a $250,000 grant. Before their panel can consider us for the award, we need 250 votes.logo_mms

Message Blocks is working hard not only to create a better planning experience for planners, but we are also working to help bring business to Detroit. CEO and founder Len Gauger has chosen to work out of Michigan, because he believes that giving back to this community is important. He knows that Michigan, and especially Detroit, has the potential to become the great city it once was, and he has made it his mission to foster business opportunities here.

By voting for us you are helping us achieve our goals not only for our company but for Detroit as well, so we thank you for that. If you haven’t voted, follow this link and click vote. If you would like to look at past winners and how the grant has helped them, you can follow the link below.

Past winners of the Chase Mission Main Street Grant.

One thought on “Chase Mission Main Street Grant

    Please vote for my antique restoration business. We have an opportunity to apply for a grant through Mission Main Street, which is an endeavor of Chase Bank. The purpose of the grant is to help small businesses expand and increase awareness of the important role that small businesses play in local communities. As an antiques and furniture enthusiast, you appreciate the art of restoration. Raphael’s Furniture Restoration, LLC has been caring for antique furniture for over 60 years. With the grant program, we have the opportunity to continue this Old World craftsmanship.
    Vote for Raphael’s at by November 15, 2013. You must have a Facebook account. Please vote today! It only takes a few seconds! Your support is greatly appreciated.

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